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Equipment Rental

Quippo Construction Equipment Limited provides a unique rental proposition - an alternative to "buy" in the area of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Mining, Industrial Construction, Bridges and Highways. With over 10 years of expertise in 35 locations across the country, Quippo Construction has established itself as a pioneer in the sector.

There are few key players in the rental industry in India who work through their network in the country. Srei was the first to introduce the concept of equipment rental in India by establishing Quippo, to promote equipment renting rather than ownership. Today, it is one of the largest organized equipment rental business solutions in India. There are also a few other regional rental companies, in addition to an estimated 10,000 unorganized small players. The top 10 players together have an estimated market size of around 30 - 40 percent.

Equipment majors in India strongly believe that the renting industry holds huge potential, specifically for smaller equipment and also for small to medium size contractors.

Why rent rather than buy?

  • Minimise Costly Breakdowns

  • Get Your Job Completed More Efficiently

  • No Maintenance Costs

  • Eliminate Storage Costs

  • No Capital Investment

  • Better Your Borrowing Power

  • No Equipment Obsolescence

  • Try It Before You Buy It

  • Supplement Your Core Fleet

  • Expect Responsive Service


What we provide

  • End-to-end construction solutions on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

  • Trained, qualified and experienced operators along with the equipment on rent

  • Onsite repairs & maintenance facility

  • Advice on equipment suitability, based on applications

  • Supported by an in-house genuine spare parts inventory to ensure minimum maintenance & down time

  • Accept deposits of equipment from various sources, deploy them effectively and provide returns thereon to equipment owners

  • Repair, maintenance and overall management of repossessed assets of various NBFCs

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