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Natural Gas Positive Outlook

Global natural gas consumption is going to grow at 2.7% while Asia will grow at 5.8% CAGR. Illustration given below clearly presents growth and share in billions of cubic meter (BCM) of natural gas.

Clearly, natural gas pumps lowest carbon emission into environment in comparison to other available fuel options. As shown in the graph, SO2 and NOx levels are very low including particulate matter. Natural gas reserves are comparable with coal too in terms of trillion barrel of oil equivalent and they have a long way to go.

Bio gas and special gases segment are also part of Quippo's solution with its plants capable of burning these gases by introducing special absorbers, filtration system, deration of power and special gas trains.

Quippo has undertaken research in different applications, where Quippo's plant replaces existing captive generations or add new with grid or fuel switch options. Making use of cogeneration, there is a potential to generate 4000 CERs / MW / year. Quippo will continue to work in this clean energy arena responsibly.



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