Oil & Gas Drilling Services and Other Well Services

Quippo Oil & Gas Drilling is one of the most progressive & leading drilling contractors to some of India’s biggest exploration & production operators.

We pride ourselves on providing onshore drilling services utilizing a fleet of state of the art land drilling & work- over rigs ranging from 750 HP to 3000 HP. Drilling Oil and Gas wells in an efficient, fast and safe manner remains our core competence. Reducing the customer's pain points we try to optimize and bundle an array of services together, so as to deliver complete solution to our clients. We interact closely with our customers from well planning stage and help review well plans in order to help our customers optimize their operations. These incremental services come in handy and are available to our customers throughout the drilling process.

Quippo is a committed and proud drilling company with strong company values.

In order to customize our services as per our client's requirements, QOGIL has put together a skillful team, which has an excellent understanding & experience of successfully completing operations in remote areas by using valuable assets, which provides us the firsthand experience of client requirement for efficient & economical completion of their project.

Our services:


    Drilling Oil and Gas wells in an efficient, fast and safe manner, which remains our core competence.
    To reduce the customer's pain points, we try to optimize & bundle an array of services together, so as to provide complete solution to our clients.
    We remain in close interaction with customers right from the planning stage & review them in order to help our clients optimize their operations.
    We offer incremental services that come in handy throughout the drilling process. These include the following:

    • High-Pressure Well Control Equipment
    • Casing and Tubing Running Service
    • Mud Engineering Services
    • Specialty Drill Pipe and handling tools of quality make along with BHA components
    • Completion Services as per Client’s requirements
    • Top Drives
      • Drilling Recorders and Monitoring Systems
      • Rig Mobilization Equipment
    • Customized Rig Layout
    • Drilling Consulting
  • Work-Over Services

    We provide customers with ample solutions for well-related services necessary for prolonging the productive life of an oil and/or gas well. This may be a small job like changing the production string to a bigger job like re-entering the well for greater scope into reservoir or opening an alternative reservoir or stopping water cut from the well. The rigs used to perform maintenance services are outfitted with specialized equipment including rotary drilling equipment, mud pumps, mud tanks, blowout preventers and filtration units.
  • Completion Services

    We offer various kinds of field or area specific completion solutions. An oil well would require a different kind of completion than a gas well. The completion process may involve selectively perforating the well casing at the depth of discrete producing zones and installing down-hole equipment or it may comprise completely cementing the completion string and perforating the well later through the tubing. The team at QOGIL understands the complexities of such operations and offers viable and cost-effective solutions to the clients.

Other Services under Oil & Gas

  • Drilling & Fishing Tools Rental:
  • 2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing services:
  • Mud Engineering Services:
  • Fracturing Services:
  • Oil Field Construction:
  • QOGIL upholds a growing inventory to meet the rental necessities of our customers thereby offering a premium range of Drilling Tools & Equipments. Our product/services line also includes:
    1. Tubular.
    2. Mud System.
    3. Fishing Tools.
    4. Blow Out Preventers.
    5. Valve & Manifold Equipment.
    6. Tubular Handling Tools.
    7. Stabilizers.
  • The company provides various services, including design and preplanning of 2D and 3D surveys; seismic data acquisition in 2D and 3D; seismic data processing and reprocessing/special processing; seismic data interpretation; generation, evaluation, and ranking of prospects; reservoir data acquisition; reservoir analysis. Utilizing versatile field equipment, all of our seismic crews have the capability to acquire efficient, true, consistent and cost-effective 2D and 3D single and multi-component seismic data irrespective of terrain conditions. With our start-to-finish prospect-driven results, we can reduce exploration risk and cost, and aid our clients meet their exploration objectives sooner.
  • QOGIL includes mud engineer services which include: Fluid engineering, chemical supply & development, mud test & evaluation, back up services in production/oil well testing laboratory, equipment rental & fluid formulation. The company provides engineers with high-end equipment for measurement of mud parameters for prompt solution of the tasks during provision of mud services. Our mud engineering services utilizes the best known new technology and appropriate equipment to control the performance & high quality of the services.
  • Our fracturing services includes: New wells and existing wells, Multi-stage fractured horizontal wells, Well depths ranging from shallow through deep and Exploratory and development well. We match the accurate treatment with the particular reservoir’s characteristics and the customer’s intentions. Our fracturing and completion services exploit on reservoir contact by proposing the most effective and nominal reservoir stimulation service for each well.
  • In association with QOGIL’s parent company, which is also the largest construction equipment rental company in India. The company offers general contracting services including but not limited to construction of roads, bridges, dams, drill sites and other facility sites, as well as providing mining support.

    In providing all of our services, we emphasize experience and expertise, capability, reliability and quality. Our objective is to fully meet the requirements of our clients through technical excellence and business efficiency, while maintaining a firm commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.