Quippo Oil and Gas Infrastructure Limited (QOGIL), incorporated in 2005, is one of the most progressive and leading Asset and Service provider with an international presence. We provide onshore contract driling services utilizing a fleet of state-of-the-art land rigs, offering a host of value-added services to our clients.

QOGIL's primary focus is on providing state of the art efficient drilling rigs ranging from 750 HP to 3000 HP,equipped with the latest technology, equipment and world class crew. Most of the rigs are equipped with top drive mechanism to undertake highly specialized drilling operations in technically challenging environment. We also have E&P aspirations.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India we are one of India's leading and fastest growing drilling services contractors with operations in India, We are also in the process of starting operations in Latin America, Middle East and Africa in the foreseeable future.

With a team of highly trained and experienced oil field professionals, we offer best in class equipment and crew to ensure highly efficient and safe drilling operations for all our clients.

Message from our COO

India is gearing up to reduce its dependence on imported hydrocarbons as it is a large consumer and with a growing consumption rate. To support this drive, the Government of India is driving the policy and framework for E&P in the country. In support of this objective, providing state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel, Quippo Oil and Gas Infrastructure Limited (QOGIL) is a leading provider of charter hired drilling rigs and associated oilfield services. QOGIL is providing services like well construction, 2D/3D Surface Seismic Acquisition & Processing, Directional Drilling, Integrated Project Execution and Management, Drilling Rental Tools, and Sales and Services of Equipment and Supplies etc.

We offer our customers a comprehensive solution for onshore projects. Our efficient drilling rigs come equipped with top drives. In order to optimise operations, our highly-trained and experienced professionals assist the customer right from the well planning stage to ensure the smooth execution of a full suite of services.

QOGIL is in the process of increasing its fleet of drilling rigs and has in place strategic partnerships with key international enterprises to expand the scope of our operations. The company maintains over 400 qualified engineers, derrick hands, and other personnel on its payroll who collectively deliver QOGIL’s best-in-class performance. With a dedicated team of people at all levels of the organization, I am confident that QOGIL will continue to deliver outstanding results in the times to come. QOGIL values its relationships with all our stakeholders: investors, customers, employees, vendors and society and the local communities where we work.

Our team members are exposed to regular training programmes in order to keep skill levels up to date. We were recently evaluated by CFI.co, who observed QOGIL’s operations and complex processes as a company dedicated to achieve excellence across the board by investing in human resources development to achieve peak performance. CFI.co awarded QOGIL with the ‘Best Onshore Oil & Gas Drilling Team India 2015 Award’. Our people at QOGIL relentlessly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and endeavour to create value for our stakeholders through the use of best practices in operations, technologies and safety, health and environmental aspects. Meeting customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction at all times has been made possible by our people.

We thank our supporters for their confidence and unflinching belief in our ability to deliver value. We reiterate our commitment to working towards meeting your highest expectations on a sustained basis.